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olej cbd biokonpia
WOW, again, you amaze me with your gift! Loved the video, the music was perfect.
Emilie Hossick Schott(non-registered)
Wow Ron! I haven't seen your work in a while and I must say that I am really amazed at your skill behind the camera. I will have to stop in to view them more often. Thanks for directing me here.
p.s. A healthy, happy new year to you and Pat. (and Gracie of course)
Lynley Pair(non-registered)
These are some great pix.
Scott Michel(non-registered)
Glad 2 C U R havin fun with that camera. NICE editing ... i really enjoy the 'eyeball' portraits you R now shooting.
Emily Bendson(non-registered)
Wow! Your photographs are REALLY good! I especially love the dog park ones, of course. Can't wait for more! Emily (Ripley's owner)
Jennifer Magner(non-registered)
Nice to finally see your website that I've heard so much about! You have a keen eye and all these photos are wonderful! Thanks for posting up the dog park pics!
david buda(non-registered)
I think I found you - (discovered you?)
WOW - your not fooling around are you?
love it all! Am very impressed by what you see
and looking forward to more
Scott Michel(non-registered)
As a casual friend I did not hold severely high expectations for what I might see here. Wow - I love being surprised, this body of work is a surprising treat, and I can be REALLY picky.

Thank you, very nice and evocative shooting, good editing eye, keep shooting and good luck!

Scott from Isles Dog Park
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